MA Students Propose Thesis Projects

May 05, 2019

Adrienne Grimes proposing her thesis

This week, the first year MA candidates and dual MA/MFA students in the Critical Studies program proposed their thesis topics. We are very excited to have a cohort which will be covering such a wide variety of topics. Their proposed titles are:

Kate Baker - “How Information Institutionalization in Public Administration Harms Social Equity”

Nico Bartulski - “White Feminism and Carceral Logic”

Alexis Chapman - “Arts Engagement: Social Consciousness and Arts Institutions”

Qamuuqin Maxwell - “:D Colonize — Settler Colonialism From Turtle Island to the Internet”

Hannah Bakken - “New Materialism and Rural Boundaries : The Societal Implications of Agricultural Fencing in the American West”

Justin Lizik - “Mountaineering and the Culture of the Sublime”

Randy Meza - “Critique of Anthropocene Historiography: An Anadialectical Approach”

Laura Nash - “Writing Disability Futures: Speculative Fiction Shaping Disability Identity Now and Later”

James Lee - “Minor Ascesis: On Mystical Embodiment in Queer Negativity and Afropessimism”

Adrienne Grimes - “Studying the Gaze in the Age of Social Media”

Thank you to program coordinator Erin Dengerink, faculty members Dr. Taylor Eggan and Dr. Meghan Drury, and all who attended to pose questions and provide feedback. We look forward to seeing these projects develop over the next year.

Hannah Bakken proposing her thesis