M.A. Candidates Launch Q+A Projects, Curate Exhibition for Oregon Fringe Festival

July 30, 2018

Q+A Projects is a collaborative endeavor by Critical Studies MA candidate Alex Andreotti and dual MA/MFA candidate Qamuuqin Maxwell that serves as an open-ended platform to provide exhibition opportunities for young and emerging artists and to facilitate community engagement around critical dialogue in an accessible way.

Q+A stands for Quicquidlibet+Apolaustic (among a few other things). Quicquidlibet roughly translates to “anything it pleases” while Apolaustic means “dedicated to enjoyment.” For their first project, they curated a group show for the Oregon Fringe Festival in Ashland, OR featuring work by eight PNCA graduate students.

Featured Artists included Molly Alloy, Joshua Hughes, Hannah Concannon, Kelly Brand, Heather Boyd, Robin Cone-Murakami and Brittany Vega.

Developed in 2014 by Southern Oregon University students, the Oregon Fringe Festival (OFF) is a boundary-breaking platform for creators making unconventional work in unconventional spaces. A celebration of zany, alternative forms, OFF is an opportunity for artists to experiment with forms not found in the traditional gallery and theatre spaces.

Photo by Qamuuqin Maxwell