Julian Adoff at CAA Conference

March 14, 2019

Julian Adoff PNCA MA/MFA 2020 planned and led sessions at College Art Association Conference this year:

Roundtable: What Next? Navigating the Best Path to a Rewarding Career

With a daunting job market and a rise in quit lit, decisions about the future can be anxiety-inducing: Pursue an advanced degree, or find immediate employment? Will graduate school limit career options, or build transferable skills? What are some resources to support informed decisions? Experienced voices provide their perspectives and field your questions. Panelists included: Brian Winkenweder (Art History Professor at Linfield College) and Tera Lee Hedrick (Curator at the Wichita Art Museum)

Negotiating change in arts professions: Emerging and established voices

This year, SEPC’s 1.5 session features a dialogue between a distinguished scholar and a younger arts professional, moderated by the members of the committee. (This was our generic summary). It ended up being a conversation between myself, the Chair of the Students and Emerging Professionals Committee (Rachel Krieter) and Donald Kuspit (Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art History and Philosophy at Stony Brook University). In our wide-ranging conversation, we talked about careers in the arts both in and out of academia, the international arts education system, and a bit about Kuspit's academic trajectory from his early years (when one could consider themselves an emerging professional).

image: Julian Adoff with Donald Kuspit