In Solidarity

June 13, 2020

A table in a well-lit room holds stacks of printed posters and pamphlets with activist messages, including large posters reading "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!"

The values of the Critical Studies program are fundamentally rooted in Critical Pedagogy and principles of equity and social justice. We strive to create change and cultivate leadership within ourselves and our students. Anti-racist work is a core element of the pedagogy we practice in the Graduate School, and this anti-racism work includes acknowledging historic and ongoing systemic and institutional violence.

Academia has historically perpetuated racism and anti-Blackness (along with ableism, classism, respectability politics, and other forms of oppression and marginalization).

Because of this, we know that the only choice is to deliberately commit to creating a space where we and our students can resist and dismantle white supremacy. A space where authentic and meaningful conversations about racism, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and Black liberation can happen.

We want to provide a space for learning and unlearning together.

As artists, designers, makers, and thinkers we must commit to ending anti-Black violence and to supporting Black liberation, and call on our community members to do the same.

We know that the violence, racism, and inequality that is being discussed now is not new. This moment in history is a part of a much longer historical context, and we want to recognize the Black leaders, many of whom were and are Black queer women, whose work has been foundational to shaping this moment. Black feminism, activism, and abolitionist organizing are essential to transforming our world.

In the Critical Studies Program:

-Critical Race Theory and work by BIPOC artists play a central role across the curriculum

-Our lecture series, events, and workshops are led by BIPOC artists, writers, scholars, and community leaders

-We are actively pursuing more financial and material support for BIPOC students, staff, and faculty

We know this is just a start but we look forward to doing this work together.

In solidarity.