Michael Stone-Richards

August 29, 2019

Michael Stone-Richards guest scholar in the Critical Studies Program will be teaching a Graduate Seminar Fall term.

Michael Stone-Richards is Professor of Critical Theory and Visual Studies at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit. He is most recently the recipient of a Warhol Foundation Grant for his book in progress, "Care of the City: Ruination, Abandonment, and Hospitality in Contemporary Practice" (forthcoming Sternberg Press). This is part of Michael's work as Chair of the Committee on Critical Studies at CCS seeking the terms of a pedagogy for the twenty-first century Art / Design School. Michael has published in French and English and lectured widely in critical theory, art writing, and cultural history, with essays forthcoming on McArthur Binion, black labor and the avant-garde, biopolitics, and the problem of attention in cultural conflict. He is also at work on a translation of the hermetic poems of Andre Breton. With artist Addie Langford he curates the open conversation series the Alexandrine Street Seminars. With Addie Langford he is also the co-founder of Detroit Research (which won a Knight Foundation Grant) of which he is the also the founding editor - volume 3, guest-edited by Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller aka ADULT., "On Sound," with featured artist Kevin Beasley, is due out in Fall 2019. In Fall 2019, Michael will a Visiting Scholar in the Program in Critical Studies at Cranbrook Academy of Art.