Critical Studies Student Reviews 'Make Banana Cry' For Oregon ArtsWatch

December 04, 2023

What does it mean that white people on Tik Tok are trying to change their race to East Asian at the same moment that South Asian life is made disposable through the uninterrupted continuation of colonial dynamics buttressed by global capitalism? Instead of providing a comforting answer, Make Banana Cry lingers in the question.

Kaya Noteboom, "Imagining a new future: ‘Make Banana Cry’ at PICA"

Essayist, cultural critic, and MA Critical Studies student Kaya Noteboom reviewed Make Banana Cry at PICA for Oregon ArtsWatch this past week. Her review, which puts Andrew Tay and Stephen Thompson's hybrid performance work into conversation with contemporary culture, thoughtfully considers the potential for agency, reclamation, and transformation in a world that violently stereotypes Asian identity. 

This is Kaya's first piece for Oregon ArtsWatch, but you can find more of her writing on Substack at Love is Nucking Futs, or keep up with her on Instagram. Congratulations Kaya!

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