Twilight Talk: Herman D’Hooge

March 14, 2017

Herman D'Hooge is a strategist, innovator, intrapreneur, leader, and Sr. Principal Engineer at Intel with 32 years of experience. Herman has a well-earned reputation as thought leader and change agent who persistently pushes boundaries. He is a self-starter, risk taker, dot-connector, pioneer and approachable leader, as well as a devoted mentor and teacher.

Herman is a leading proponent for the design of smart cities, which he defines as "a city that takes advantage of information and communication technologies to reduce or eliminate inefficiencies in its urban infrastructure to deliver a safer, healthier, economically prosperous and environmentally sustainable environment where its citizens enjoy a high quality of life. While it’s easy to get stuck talking about technology specifics, in the end the “smart city” concept is really about a vision for society and new ways in which cities can deliver value to those who choose to live in them. Smart cities is also about making citizens smarter by providing them tools and giving them access to the city’s data for increased engagement and broader active participation with the planning and the operations of their city.”