MNEMONICS: Short Film Screening + Panel

September 08, 2017

woman sitting in a chair at a desk in dim light, Mnemonics, a short film by Daniela Repas

We are hosting a screening of Director Daniela Repas’ short film Mnemonics which takes place where mind is physical and memory is catalogued. A Bosnian refugee tells a story of her home, logged and kept as stacks of drawings carefully stored in boxes on the shelf of her secret room. Animated portrayals of her past come to life with her touch as hand drawn animation reveals Bosnian customs, landscapes and people.

View the film trailer here: MNEMONICS

Directly after the film screening, there will be a panel of the cast and crew present to speak about their experiences in creating the film and the power of visual storytelling to transcend physical boundaries, celebrate the richness of cultures, and create awareness of our shared humanity