Internet Health (Or How Convenience Broke Privacy)

November 01, 2017

Join us November 1, 2017 for Internet Health (Or How Convenience Broke Privacy): A Conversation with Bradley Cohen.

The oft repeated saying for online services is “If it’s free, then you’re the product.” Let’s talk about the danger of being lulled by convenience, and how a non-profit tech company has the freedom to look at data collection responsibly. We’ll also look at why an independent web browser is even a thing that matters, and why it’s so hard to explain that to people.

Bradley Cohen is a Senior Brand Strategist for Mozilla, the non-profit makers of Firefox. He works on creative strategy for Mozilla and Firefox, and spreading the word about Internet Health with an approach informed by a background in zoology and communication theory. BBradley has worked for over a decade in the intersection of technology and creative strategy, including work with BitTorrent, Nike, Intel, Adobe, IBM, and more.