Graduate Lecture Series: Rehanah Spence

February 06, 2023

Join us Wednesday, February 8th at 6:30PM for our first spring semester graduate Lecture!

Rehanah Spence is the daughter of a graphic design professor, a Muslim refugee from Uganda, and a blonde-haired, blue-eyed engineer from West Virginia. Coming from a dualistic background directly informs her design process: to tap into universal tenets of humanity while also embracing cultural distinctiveness. She is passionate about using Graphic Design and creative processes to enable organizations and empower people to unleash positive goodness in their communities.

Currently, Rehanah is leading a design team within Google Brand Studio, and has over 15 years of experience, primarily leading teams on diverse projects ranging from design systems, brand communications, events, and experiences. Rehanah is also a mother, mountain biker, jewelry maker, and a former travel and climbing junkie.

Presented by PNCA’s MFA in Collaborative Design + MA in Design Systems programs

Shipley-Collins Mediatheque

511 NW Broadway

Portland, Oregon, 97209