Defining Design Ecosystems

May 08, 2018

All of us have our own sense of design history, culture, influences, networks, and practices. Over the course of the semester, through research, reading, responding to prompts, and conversations with other practitioners, first year students created own "design ecosystems" that describes histories, cultures, influences, networks, and techniques that they wish to carry forward in their practice. The final product was an article for publication, a 20-slide deck presented on May 7th, and a short case study that applying their thinking to an actual "thing" -  a problem, an actual client, or a new proposition. The one caveat was that the case study should be adjacent, not central, to their current capstone / thesis concept. In other other words a plan B - their academic / design "side gig." We all need plan Bs and side gigs - they give us options and help us grow our practices.