Yucca Valley Material Lab Design Build

December 21, 2018

January 10-17, 2019, Michael Rutledge (MFA AC+D, 2018) will lead the inaugural Design Build Intensive for the Yucca Valley Material Lab (YVML). The participants will include four current MFA Applied Craft + Design graduate students. The focus of this week-long intensive will be a decommissioned 1977 Wilderness RV that will ultimately house the YVML artists-in-residence and workshop instructors. Led by Rutledge, the design-build team will be tasked with creating a space that resonates the expanse of the Mesa and the untethered possibilities of art residency. A space for uninhibited creative exploration, YVML is for those coming from disciplines ranging in but not limited to craft, design, fine art, writing, and music.