SUPERDESIGN: Italian Radical Design 1965-1975 Film Screening

February 28, 2019

SuperDesign: Italian Radical Design 1965-1975
Thursday, March 7, 7:00-9:00pm

Directed by Francesca Molteni

SuperDesign is a film about 19 players of the Italian Radical Design Movement. Through their words and their stories, we retrace the history and the heritage of the movement. They take us back to that time when everything seemed possible. Beautiful archival historical images recreate the atmosphere of the period.

The end of the 1960s represented a revolutionary time when the need for change spread everywhere in the Western world and pervaded all aspects of life. It was a time of “positive turbulence” on an artistic level. Even today, we see this radical thinking in our interviewees.

The film includes interviews with the following– Emilio Ambasz, Franco Audrito, Dario Bartolini, Lapo Binazzi, Andrea Branzi, Germano Celant, Gilberto Coretti, Pietro Derossi, Piero Gilardi, Ugo La Pietra, Roberta Meloni, Alessandro Mendini, Adolfo Natalini, Gaetano Pesce, Gianni Pettena, Franco Raggi, Charlie Stendig, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, and Jim Walrod.

7:00 pm Intro by Matt Olson
7:30pm Screening
8:30pm Q & A w/ Evan Snyderman, Matt Olson moderated by Aleksandra Pollner and Andee Hess

Open to the Public Tickets: $15

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Portland OR 97232