October Furthermore Pop-Up!

September 27, 2018

FURTHERMORE presents: Things We Sit On // A Group Show

Friday, October 5th 6-9

421 NE 10th Ave. Portland, OR, 97232

A bit on sitting:

The objects we sit on come in constant contact with our bodies. They become part of us and our perception of the world as an exchange of weight, force and texture takes place. We sit to participate in activities, social and solitary, that could be said to define us as human: we sit to rest, write, eat, read, work, socialize, contemplate and be contained. In choosing where, when and how to sit we create sites of consumption and observation, points in space from which we can take in our surroundings and locate ourselves.

Furthermore is a monthly event and gallery space

hosted by the MFA in Applied Craft + Design program.