AC+D Portfolio Review Week, Jan 8-12, 2019

December 19, 2018

We want to learn about you and your work! The MFA Applied Craft + Design Portfolio Review Week provides a unique opportunity for you to meet individually with AC+D Program Chair, Sara Huston, and/or Program Manager, Hannah Newman, to receive valuable feedback and guidance on your portfolio before you submit it as part of your application. Additionally, we will be happy to discuss AC+D program curriculum, facilities, and opportunities.

AC+D Portfolio Review Schedule

JAN 8-9, 9am-6pm, Online Portfolio Reviews

JAN 10-12, 9am-6pm, In-Person Portfolio Reviews

What should I bring?

A portfolio of visual artwork that includes 10-15 examples your best and most recent work. Your portfolio can also include works in progress, sketchbooks, and tear sheets. Don’t hesitate to explain how you develop your ideas and where you want to go with them. Often sharing the process of arriving at the completed work is as valuable as simply presenting finished products. In-person: Your portfolio can be presented as original work or on screen. Prospective students who are not prepared to show a portfolio may also attend to gather information about the MFA AC+D program. Online: Please email a pdf of your portfolio to

Where will in-person reviews be held?

In-person portfolio reviews will be held in the MFA AC+D facilities at 421 NE 10th Ave, Portland OR 97232.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for a 45 minute online or in-person time slot!

Schedule an Online Review
Schedule an In-Person Review
For those unable to attend Jan 8-12, please email for alternate dates.