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January 28, 2010

PNCA provides students a range of opportunities to be active in the world through its Global Studios program.

Follow the adventure of PNCA students in Senegal, or discover Brittany, France with PNCA Junior Brennan Broome.

Junior Brennan Broome spends Spring 2010 at Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art in Brittany, France, as part of PNCA’s Global Studios. Join Brennan, a student in PNCA’s Intermedia department, throughout the semester as he becomes well-versed in the French language, shines through conceptual studio intensives and engages in site seminars throughout Europe.

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Five PNCA students’ blog about Global Studios: Dakar, Senegal as they experience an intensive “urban setting” in western Africa, led by PNCA Assistant Professor Painting/Drawing, Modou Dieng. The group will engage contemporary art from Africa, along with global issues in the religions, arts, cinema, music, history, language and politics, lectures, museum and artist studio visits, and through participation in community events. 

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