Designing for Mixed Reality Launches

January 21, 2018

Today marks the launch of a new course, Designing for Mixed Reality, offered online in partnership with Kadenze, an online platform for education in the fields of art and creative technology. The course, taught by Thomas Wester, a leader and innovator in interactive design and storytelling, is a hybrid course, offered at PNCA through the college's Make+Think+Code lab, and online for students anywhere in the world who can take the course for PNCA credit through Kadenze.

Through this new course, PNCA joins other schools such as CalArts, RISD, and SVA in extending the reach of our educational work beyond the walls of the institution.

As Executive Technical Director of Second Story, Wester innovated an integrated design and technology practice resulting in award winning projects. Designing for Mixed Reality takes as a departure point the question of what can be learned from the disciplines of architecture and theater regarding narrative design in a spatial context. 

This course is just one of the many workshops offered through Make+Think+Code, PNCA's art and technology lab. These courses are open to the public as well as to students enrolled at the college. Workshops cover a wide range of practical applications for and theoretical implications of emerging technologies.