Design for a Difference: PNCA launches new MA in Design Systems

December 19, 2017

New for Fall 2018, Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies announces a new MA in Design Systems. 

This 40-credit program embraces the reality that all creative endeavors are embedded within complex systems: of design, relationships, hierarchies, production, power, collaboration, and competition. The MA in Design Systems was developed for the early- to mid-career creative who wants to master those systems, whether inside a firm, between organizations, or among multiple stakeholders. The program's faculty, mentors, partners, and participants share a vision where future creative leaders effect systemic change creating equitable, resilient, and profitable solutions for a changing world. The MA in Design Systems, chaired by Peter Schoonmaker, draws on the city of Portland, the Pacific Northwest, and the Pacific Rim as learning labs for design leaders to effect meaningful change. Priority deadline for application to this program is February 1, 2018.
The MA in Design Systems joins its sister program, the MFA in Collaborative Design program, a 60-credit program with a studio emphasis and a mentored capstone project. The MFA in Collaborative Design is tailored for early and mid-career creatives who wish to continue working while taking late afternoon and evening classes to up-level skills and aptitudes for a rapidly changing design environment. The program takes a critical and entrepreneurial approach to “wicked” problems such as resource depletion, emerging technologies, climate change, and global demographic shifts.
These are two innovative programs for hybrid designers, strategists, ecologists, systems thinkers, sociologists, neuroscientists, attorneys, artists, and technologists who are committed to making a difference in the world. 
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