Sensing the Environment: Data and Storytelling

August 17, 2017

Sensing the Environment:  
Data and Storytelling Planning/Brainstorming Session
September 24, 2017 10:00 am - 5:00 pm at PNCA
511 NW Broadway, Portland

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Thank you to all the people involved in creating the wonderful designs/prototypes of sensor kits. Let's now start a conversation on recording/transmitting the data and the data analytics and visualisation/storytelling.

We will have two parallel and overlapping strategy sessions and by the end of the day form (overlapping teams) to work on the data and the visualisations.

I Data Analytics: Have conversations on: 1. Data capture tools; 2. How to sort/clean/tag the data (who is it for)? 3.  Design AI/other analytics and protocols. 4. How to host data/ ensure data is transparent and accessible to other groups.

II Visualisation/Storytelling/Interaction: What sorts of visualisations? Who is the audience?  (apps, infographics, AR/MR/VR experiences, installations, interactive digital experiences, games, …)

III troubleshooting session in the Make+Think+Code Lab to work on the final prototypes.

Determine: 1. timeline and planning 2. workshops/trainings/demos/ that would be useful. 3. materials list: hardware/equipment/tech/software 4. expertise that would be helpful 5. other possible collaborators.


We'd be delighted with your participation. If you know of anybody interested in the project, (including deploying the sensors, in using the data, or in creating educational modules), please share this invitation.


Image credit: Mert Kocabagli, PNCA '18