Congratulations Wacom Contest Winners!

May 09, 2017

Two students, Ann-Marie Engelberth & Emma McMillan, won PNCA Technologies Team's Wacom Art Contest.

Images of the winning student art submissions. The left is Emma Mcmillin and right is Ann-Marie Engelberth.

We'd like to officially congratulate two of PNCA's students, Ann-Marie Engelberth & Emma McMillan, as the winners of PNCA Technology Team's WACOM Art contest.

A call for art submissions was issued in early spring with the only stipulation being that the work submitted had to be digital art. The submissions were reviewed, and Anna and Emma were chosen as the two winners. Each received a brand new Wacom Pro Pen.

Emma Mcmillin (on the left) and Ann-Marie Engelberth (right) with their new Wacom Pro Pens.

Their winning submissions will be displayed here on campus in our Wacom Lab along with some of the other incredible submissions. We encourage anyone interested in digital art and digi-art tools to stop by and have a look at this collection of PNCA student work.