Congratulations to our Classes of 2017!

May 21, 2017

On Sunday, May 21, 2017, commencement ceremonies were held for our undergraduate and graduate candidates for the spring 2017. Join us in congratulating this new class of PNCA alumni!

Justine Highsmith '17, Intermedia Major, during her BFA address. Image courtesy of Mack McFarland.

We would like to extend our greatest respect and hearty applause to all our 2017 graduating students – undergraduate and graduate alike. This past Sunday, May 21, 2017, our commencement ceremonies were held at Portland's Tiffany Center. Intermedia student Justine Highsmith delivered the undergraduate valedictorian address while Carla Javier Brea and Savanna Youngquist of the MFA in Print Media program delivered the graduate address. Andi Zeisler of Bitch Media joined us as guest commencement speaker. And as the students exited the hall, the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers, as they do every year, played the students out of the ceremony and into the world.


Please join us in celebrating and welcoming this new class of PNCA alumni!

Bachelor of Fine Arts 2017 Graduates

Beryl Allee, Animated Arts 

Kathryn Bailey, Communication Design 

MacKenzie Bentley Baker, Illustration 

Meredith Bardo, Illustration 

Lauren Elizabeth Beck, General Fine Arts 

Alison Marie Bingham, Sculpture 

Madeline Ann Black, Communication Design 

Jesse Mari Blalock, Photography 

Malcolm Bridwell, Illustration 

Christina Brister, General Fine Arts 

Ashlin Bush, Painting 

Molly Carlson, Animated Arts 

Sage Cortez, Sculpture 

Mariah Currey, Communication Design 

Hope Darby, Illustration 

Sydney Six Fort, Communication Design 

Samantha Fowler, Illustration 

Joaquin Golez, Illustration 

Jack Graydon, General Fine Arts 

Alexandra Gregory, Communication Design 

Elana Gurewitz, Illustration 

Hilary Hartner, Sculpture  

Elisabeth Young, Illustration

Clive Hawken, Illustration 

Justine Marin Highsmith , Intermedia 

Catharine Hoch, Intermedia 

Christopher Homan, General Fine Arts 

Joshua Hughes, Sculpture 

Ashley Innis, Photography 

Bryson Kaps, Illustration 

Elizabeth Karras, Communication Design 

Zoe Kimball, Illustration 

John Thomas Kirby, Painting 

Tandy Kunkle, Illustration 

Cassandra Lankford, General Fine Arts 

Matthew Layng, Writing 

Colin Luton, Illustration 

Kalaija Quinn Mallery, Photography 

Anna Marl, General Fine Arts 

Troy Mathews, Painting 

Vance Lump, Illustration 

Davida Rae Lara McFadden, Printmaking 

Caitlin E McIntyre , Animated Arts 

Jessica Mick, General Fine Arts

Grace Murphy, Illustration 

Kaitlyn Nelson, Illustration 

Nyssa Oru, Illustration 

Forrest Cameron Pass, Printmaking 

Nicholas Pennell, Illustration 

Katharyn Preston, Illustration 

Michael Devin Ray, Video and Sound 

Jamaali Roberts, Painting 

Alden Rodgers, Photography 

Tess Rubinstein, Illustration 

Samantha Sausser, Illustration 

Andrew Saxon, Photography 

Kathryn Sifford, Sculpture 

Jourdan Simmonds, Communication Design 

Aimee Sitarz, Photography 

Shelby Smith, Illustration 

Charles Klein Stobbs III, Video and Sound 

Shyla Villanueva, Printmaking 

Lindsey Walker, General Fine Arts 

Camille Westerberg, Photography 

Subin Yang, Illustration 

 Masters of fine arts in Visual Studies 2017 Graduates

Vincent Aloia 

Hunter Buck 

Mack Carlisle 

Adam Ciresi 

Devin Cogger 

Ardis DeFreece 

Aruni Dharmakirthi 

Bowen Feeley 

Maximiliano Carlos-Raphael Francisco Martinez 

Angélica Maria Millán Lozano 

Keegan O’Keefe 

Corrin M Olson 

Jenna Katherine Reineking 

Melanie Stevens 

 Masters of Fine Arts in Collaborative Design 2017 Graduates

Celina Coppetti 

Joel Newman 

Amanda Heather Schurr 

Michelle Vorce 

 Masters of Fine Arts in Print Media 2017 Graduates

Brynden Harding 

Carla Javier Brea 

Doug Kessler 

Juan Gerardo Solis Cruz 

Savanna Katy Youngquist 

Additional thanks to all those who spoke during commencement, introduced our graduating classes, and helped to present diplomas. Special thanks go out to: 

BFA Student Address Speaker

Justine Highsmith, BFA in Intermedia 

Graduate Student Address Speaker

Carla Javier Brea and Savanna Youngquist, MFA in Print Media 

Guest Commencement Address Speaker 

Andi Zeisler, Co-Founder & Editorial/Creative Director of Bitch Media 

Closing Remarks 

Don Tuski, President