Congratulations to All Our New Graduates!

May 25, 2018

We would like to extend our greatest respect and hearty applause to all our 2018 graduating students – undergraduate and graduate alike.


This past Sunday, May 20, 2018, our commencement ceremonies were held at Portland's Tiffany Center. Intermedia student Egg (Emma Victoria) Dahl delivered the undergraduate address while Molly LeLoup Dougherty Alloy of the MFA in Visual Studies program delivered the graduate address. Renowned artist, alumnus, and Professor Emeritus Arvie Smith '84 joined us as guest commencement speaker. And as the students exited the hall, the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers, as they do every year, played the students out of the ceremony and into the world.

We'd also like to make special note that PNCA president, Don Tuski, presented Arvie Smith with an honorary doctorate following his commencement speech at this year's ceremony.

Please join us in celebrating and welcoming this new class of PNCA alumni!


Daniela Arias Sevilla, Illustration

Hirofumi Baba, Photography

Marguerite Mary Bailey, Painting

Madeleine Barbier, Intermedia

Sarah Bat, Creative Writing

Taylor Ilese Bearden, Animated Arts

Chantal Benitez, Illustration

Isabella Jane Berlin, Illustration

Sarah Anne Birch, Animated Arts

Amy Bonin, General Fine Arts

Sean Briggs, Illustration

Shannon Jeanne Brokaw, Illustration

Katherine Bruno, Painting

Joshua Bryant, Painting

Shayla Charnett, Illustration

Madison Marie Clark Camcam, Painting

Sarah J Coderre, General Fine Arts

Mitchell Coleman, Communication Design

Kendrick Vaughan Corp, Painting

Ashley Brooks Cozzetto, Photography

Egg (Emma Victoria) Dahl, Intermedia

Unah M. R. Leonard-Denight, Illustration

Melissa Dienes, Illustration

Clara Wynne Dudley, Illustration

Sydney Duhon, General Fine Arts

John Elhardt, Illustration

Kylie Fabre, Animated Arts

Meadow Faulkner, Illustration

Adrienne Lehuauakea Fernandez, Painting

James Fink, Intermedia

Casey Finn, Intermedia

Valeriya Gayevskaya, Intermedia

Daniel Gestri, Communication Design

Arianna Lisette Gazca, Animated Arts

Anke Gladnick, Illustration

Benjamin Glas-Hochstettler, Video and Sound

Victor Gomez, Illustration

Tanya Gonzalez, General Fine Arts

Pamela Guest, Animated Arts

Michelle Guthrie, Sculpture

Hilary Ann Hartner, Sculpture

Christopher B. Heck, Photography

Corey Ondrey Hernandez, Communication Design

Sarah Hickey, Animated Arts

Kiera Highsmith, Animated Arts

Nikole Hoberg, Printmaking

Kailyn Hooley, Photography

Sawyer Hemingway Johnson, Communication Design

Aidan Cai Jung Bosanko, Intermedia

Mert Kocabagli, Communication Design

Amanda Kravitz, Painting

Megan Kuttler, Communication Design

Lilian Leveque, Illustration

Ivy Loughborough, Intermedia

Alex J Lovelle, Illustration

Arabella E Mayrer, Intermedia

Laura Camila Medina Guerrero, Painting

Carla Mielnik, Animated Arts

Lenzy Perfecta Ramirez Mora, Communication Design

Andrew Newell, Sculpture

Allison Taylor Ongaro, Communication Design

Emma Lilly Parry, Animated Arts

Theodore Patton, Animated Arts

Zachary Irynn Pescador, Video and Sound

Kathryn Prater, General Fine Arts

Valentino Quijano, Painting

Joseph Ravetti, Intermedia

Molly Robison, Illustration

Matthew A. Rodenbeck, Illustration

Alexander Roebling, Communication Design

Catherine Ross, Intermedia

Hannah Rough, Animated Arts

Angela Maree Saenz, Painting

Austin Salazar, General Fine Arts

Hannah Schill, Painting

Stephanie Schock, Animated Arts

Emily Schwartz, Illustration

Emily Seymour, Intermedia

Ran Sheng, Animated Arts

Jesse Siegel, Printmaking

Adam Simmons, Video and Sound

Ellen Elizabeth Skiff, Communication Design

Aaron Smith General, Fine Arts

Tyler Jean Snazelle, General Fine Arts

Anita Alice Spaeth, Intermedia

Savana Stasiuk, Animated Arts

Anna R. Stevenson, Photography

Arianna Stramel, Animated Arts

Erin Street, Painting

Rachel Tosdevin, Photography

Hilary Tsai, Video and Sound

Daniel Verde, Communication Design

Cai Lauré Veronda, Animated Arts

Marin K Vesely, Video and Sound

Kelly Ross Woodruff, Illustratio


Applied Craft and Design

Percy A. Appau

Caroline Borucki

Michelle Lee Briones

Katharine Forgan

Laura Kathleen James

Taylor Kibby

Sam Lillard

Melinda McKinley

Nathan Rice

Gina Rios

Michael Robert Ban Rutledge

Collaborative Design

Alicia B. DeMellier

Katherine Anne Mitchell 

Print Media 

Travis Geoghegan

Sherry Jankiewicz

Rhiannon Skye Tafoya

Visual Studies

Molly LeLoup Dougherty Alloy

Thomas Boeger

Giuliano Massimo Bruno

Allynn Carpenter

Hannah Concannon

Nesho Dimov

Joseph Freel

rubén garcía marrufo

Jamie Knowlton

Cassandra Catherina Laurion

Eric Long

Haley Lusby

Ian Nickols

Lynsee Nicole Sardel

Elena Thomas

Chanel Vivian

Additional thanks to all those who spoke during commencement, introduced our graduating classes, and helped to present diplomas. Special thanks go out to: 

Introduction, Diploma Presentation, Commencement
Speaker Introduction and Closing Remarks
Don Tuski

Welcoming Remarks
Dave Holt
Board Treasurer and Chair of Finance Committee

Undergraduate Speaker Introduction, Undergraduate Awards Presentation
Mack McFarland
Director of Center for Contemporary Art & Culture

Graduate Speaker Introduction, Graduate Awards Presentation
Peter Simensky

Chair MFA in Visual Studies