Anagama Kiln Firing

April 16, 2018

East Creek Anagama Kiln firing with sculpture students from PNCA

In March, PNCA took a group of students camping at the East Creek anagama kiln run by Joe Robinson. Joe's kiln is an amazing collaborative experience, as it takes many people chopping wood and stoking fire to pull this firing off. An anagama kiln is an ancient type of underground, wood fired pottery kiln brought to Japan from China via Korea in the 5th century. Firings at the kiln take five days, and we were invited to come for the opening of the kiln after the fifth day of firing.

cleardot.gifIn preparation Joe held two workshops at PNCA to help us create a piece to be fired in the kiln. 

We had a blast watching some exciting “hikidashi” techniques, eating a roasted pig, and we were even treated to some fire dancing by one of our talented students! What an awesome place. 

Thank you for photos to student Sarah Saaristo.