Design Week Portland + PNCA

March 22, 2018

Locations will include our main campus in the NW of downtown Portland, Oregon, and the AC+D studios across the river in the NE.

Festivities kick off Saturday, April 14, and will run through the next Sunday, April 22. For a full schedule of events and details go here.


PNCA Hosted Events


Monday, April 16 @ PNCA's Main Campus, 511 NW Broadway

Tuesday, April 17 @ PNCA's Main Campus, 511 NW Broadway

Wednesday, April 18 @ PNCA's Main Campus, 511 NW Broadway

Thursday, April 19 @ the Bison Building, NE 10th Ave


About Design Week Portland

Design Week Portland is a week-long, city-wide series of programs exploring the process, craft, and practice of design across all disciplines. Our mission is to increase appreciation and awareness about design and its far-reaching effects on matters of cultural and social relevance, including community development, education systems, and the economy. Learn more ⟶