Design Lecture Series: Levi Brooks, Use All Five

November 11, 2018

PNCA Graphic Design presents our Design Lecture Series, Featuring Levi Brooks of Use All Five on Wednesday, November 28, at 7:00 pm. Co-curated with Fisk Projects.

Design Lecture Series: Levi Brooks, Use All Five
Wednesday, 11/28
@ 7:00 pm

PNCA Mediatheque

FREE and open to all!

Use All Five is a design and technology studio inspired by the west coast way. They strive to humanize technology in their work, shunning popular assumptions that tech can be sterile, cold, and alienating. They stress the imperative for organizations today to understand how they fit into—and thrive within—the cultural context of the world at large. Use All Five works to bring technology and culture together to better serve their collaborators and their clients.

We strive to humanize technology in our work because there's so much more to it than the popular assumptions about tech (i.e. that it's sterile, cold, and alienating). We aim to make tech and culture come together...

Levi Brooks + Use All Five

Follow Levi on Twitter, and see more work from Use All Five here.

The Design Lecture Series launched in Fall 2016 as a way to open our doors and minds to the broad and vibrant possibilities in design. We’re welcoming in design thinkers who break expectations of what design can be and do, to share their work and mingle with us on Wednesdays through the year.

Learn more about Levi in an upcoming edition of our #fridayfives series on @PNCAdesign's instagram, and come see his talk 11/28.