Alumni, Faculty, and Students in Cincinnati Exhibition

November 01, 2017

Founding Chair of PNCA's MFA in VIsual Studies, MK Guth, has curated an exhibition titled Replacing Place at Anytime Dept in Cincinnati November 10th—December 4th, 2017. Anytime Dept is run by two PNCA alumni, BFA alumni Lydia Rosenberg and MFA alumni Rebecca Steele. The show will include faculty, alumni, and a current MFA student. It includes a video screening by curator Candace Moeller and a reading at the opening by architectural theorist Samantha Krukowski.

Replacing Place looks at artists whose work derives from a particular location be it physical, cultural or psychological. This group of artists address place as an expanded field where inspiration of a unique site, moment in time, or psychological state evolves, shifts, collapses and spreads into something new. Temporal, spatial, narrative, and physical modifications reshape the work into something in relation to the catalyst site, but different, an echo, offering new meaning in connection to aspiration, memory, longing and desire.

“Writing has nothing to do with signifying. It has to do with surveying, mapping, even realms that are yet to come.”

—Deleuze, Gilles; Guattari, Felix 1988. A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia. London: Athlone Press

Nan Curtis, who will be featured in the exhibition, will also be a visiting artist at the University of Cincinnati. 

Exhibiting artists include:
Beth Campbell (New York, NY)
Sammie Cetta (Portland, OR)
Amanda Curreri (Cincinnati, OH)
Nan Curtis (Portland, OR)
Rashawn Griffin (Kansas City, MO)
Ruben Garcia Marrufo (Portland, OR/Mexicali, Mexico)