The Art and Ecology curriculum explores through many lenses human impacts on earth's systems how artists and designers respond.

The Art and Ecology minor is open to all majors. Art + Ecology students do NOT take extra courses to fulfill the minor; rather, they choose courses to fulfill the requirements of the minor.

Art + Ecology students take two required 3-credit courses and choose three electives from a wide range of topics for a total of 15 credits. Each enrolled student receives an individualized plan that outlines how this minor fits into their course of study as well as ongoing guidance by the Department Head to ensure that their curricular choices support their goals and interests.

Required Courses

Theory and Practice: Art + Ecology: Global Culture and Ecology (IM201)

  • A studio course that helps you understand the connections between political, economic, social, and cultural issues and your own creative practice. Together, we tackle the complex global issue of climate change and consider how artists and designers are responding and how you might best respond.

Ecology and Resilience (SCI223/323) or Environmental Science and Ecology

  • A science course that offers you a foundational understanding of ecology and earth systems, and the ways humans are shaping these systems to define our environment. You will become familiar with a scientific worldview and its impact on the contemporary landscape and society.

Sample Elective Options

Homeland: The American Landscape
Offsite Projects
Social Practice: Art and Community
Design Studio II: Culture and Audience
Design Studio II: Rhetoric & Persuasion
The Oily 20th Century
Native American Studies
Race, Racism, and American Law
Outcasts, Rebels, and Misfits that have Changed the World or Failed Trying
Social Ecology of Latin America
Urban and Forest Botany
Biogeography of the Pacific Northwest
Food and Science

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