Herman D'Hooge

Collaborative Design: Assistant Professor

Herman D'Hooge is a Management Consultant and Associate Professor with the MFA in Collaborative Design & MA in Design Systems programs where he co-teaches Futures-Centered Design.

His 35 year career in computer hardware & software development, technology research, industry evangelism, branded consumer products, new business incubation, human-centered design, strategy & innovation, organizational transformation, and social impact initiatives has earned him a reputation as a non-linear thinker, multi-disciplinarian, dot connector, pioneer, and change agent unafraid to challenge the status quo.

Through the years, his interests have broadened from hands-on science and engineering practitioner to human-centered design and ultimately to topics related to the people & organizations that engage in collaborative work and the conditions for their success.

His inner scientist ensures everything is grounded in credible research and solid evidence; the engineer in him transforms these scientific insights into something that can be applied by being both practical and action-oriented; as a curious innovator he constantly challenges his own thinking and that of others, and any prevailing wisdom which keeps him searching for different, fresh perspectives and new connections; and as a devoted educator & mentor he aims to clearly communicate insights to clients and students which in turn helps them see things differently, opening new paths forward.

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Master of Science in Computer Science