Design Sprints + Workshops

Graduate Workshops are a chance for students to build specific skills in a studio intensive. The role of the workshop instructor is to bring domain expertise or a thoughtful plan for experimentation that allows students to quickly acquire a set of skills, techniques or way of working. This workshop experience will encourage collaborative and independent practice while supporting the individual student’s needs. A series of workshops that introduce new design strategies and methods for stakeholder engagement. Each workshop is led by a different innovator in the design field. Past presenters include Joo Young Oh, Roel Uleners, Skye Moret, Carl DiSalvo, Tad Hirsch, Catherine Kramer, Stewart Long, Sara Huston, and Don Harker. Their inquiries into the intersections of politics, engineering, environmentalism, and design have resulted in a range of provocative and innovative projects. Topics of exploration have included web-based networks that regulate social and environmental accountability, conflict facilitation, mapping software that enables people to avoid CCTV surveillance, traditional ecological knowledge mapping, ecosystem design, process design for tsunami cleanup, gardening robots, edible clouds, and cross-species picnics, design sprint methodology for teams and data visualization.