How do artists and designers define “chaos”? Is it recognizable? Does it lead to structure, inspiration, or clarity? Hear members of the PNCA Community engage these questions and more as they define their process in recognizing and embracing internal and external influences.

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David Eckard

Department Head & Associate Professor, Sculpture
Associate Professor, Foundation Program

David Eckard utilizes diverse materials, techniques, and presentational strategies in his studio practice, which primarily investigates futility, function, authority, and queer masculinity and persona.

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About A Creative Mind

The vibrancy of the creative energy at PNCA is amplified by the diversity of perspectives from within our community of artists, designers and educators. This project, conceived by the Office of Communication and Design, in collaboration with Daniela Repas ’08, MFA ’20 offers a platform to explore a range of topics relevant to one’s creative practice.  

The diversity of interpretations demonstrates the complexity behind the seeming simplicity of a singular word; where meaning is infused with cultural, social and personal influence. A creative practice is an ongoing engagement of curiosity, self-reflection, inquiry and criticality. At times, it is asking yourself the questions to which you don’t have answers; to be fully engaged and aware, with a willingness to adapt and evolve.

Over time, this platform will continue to expand its collection of voices, continually engaging with the PNCA community to share their perspectives on issues of relevance to artists, designers and educators.

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