Faculty & Facilities

Our faculty are professional printers with broad experience in and depth of connection to the professional fine art printmaking world as well as artists with expansive practices. We work in one of the largest and best equipped academic printmaking studios in the country.

Department Chair

Matthew Letzelter

Chair of MFA Print Media, Associate Professor in MFA Print Media, Director of Watershed, Director of Post Baccalaureate Residency


MFA, 2003, Pratt Institute
BFA,1998, University of Florida, College of Fine Arts

Matthew Letzelter is an artist who explores his practice through works on paper, print, paintings and photography with a focus on abstracted landscapes. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where he is Chair of the MFA in Print Media Program, and Director of Watershed – Center For Fine Art Publishing & Research at PNCA. Prior to moving to Portland, Letzelter was the Master Printer at Stinger Editions and Visiting Professor at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, while also focusing research on digital print mediums. Before moving to Canada, Letzelter worked for Derrière L‘Étoile Studio in New York City as a professional fine art printer. He also worked for Petersburg Press and Suitcase Press in NYC.

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Gilkey Center for Printmaking

The Gilkey Center for Printmaking supports lithography, letterpress, book making, relief, monotype, intaglio, gravure, screenprinting, offset, and Risograph in a studio filled with natural light. Tea time is at 3pm every day.

Printmaking Lab Facilities

  • Studios
    Dedicated studios for intaglio and relief, screenprinting, letterpress, lithography, papermaking, gravure, risograph printing, bookmaking, and publications/zines
  • Presses
    Four intaglio/relief presses, three Vandercook letterpresses, three lithography presses, and one Mailander offset press
  • Letterpress
    Letterpress studio with more than 200 drawers of lead and wood type
  • Book-making
    Book-making equipment including guillotines and perfect-binding machine
  • Screenprinting
    Screenprinting studio with large-format OLITE exposure unit, light tables, two washout booths, 12+ printing stations, and a 4' x 17' yardage screenprinting table
  • Aquatint Box
  • Litho Stones
    More than 100 traditional lithography stones, ranging in size from small to very large
  • Exposure Room
    Dedicated exposure room for photo-litho, photopolymer, and photogravure processes
  • Exposure Units
    Three vacuum exposure units for photo-sensitive processes
  • Copper-plate
    Dedicated room for copper-plate etching baths
  • Risograph
    Variety of Riso printers, paper samples and stock, dedicated color drums for each printer, and archive of projects
  • Storage
    Individual storage spaces for each student working in the print studios
  • Printmaking Store
    Printmaking Store is open during weekdays, that affordably sells hard-to-find materials, tools, and papers
  • State-of-the-art ventilation
  • Natural Light
    Large windows in each studio, and a large skylight, that bring in natural light
  • Print Archive
    Extensive print archive, including many prints and items from Gordon Gilkey
  • Creative Technology Lab
    Access to the with Laser cutter, 3-D printers, plotters, milling machines, vinyl cutter, and more. Visit Creative Technology Lab
  • Digital Print Studio
    Access to the Digital Print Studio with large format inkjet printers
  • Documentation Studio
    Access to the Documentation Studio
  • Papermaking
    Paper Beater and Supplies

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Matthew Letzelter Chair of MFA Print Media, Associate Professor in MFA Print Media, Director of Watershed, Director of Post Baccalaureate Residency mletzelter@willamette.edu