Faculty & Facilities

Our faculty of professional designers along with state-of-the-art tools and labs help push your design work to a higher level. All of the studios and labs across departments are open and available to you for producing your work. Our students work in the printmaking studio, Wacom Lab, and more. They also connect across technology, getting hands-on experience in ways designers are working and collaborating in the world today.

Department Head

Headshot of Kristin Rogers Brown

Kristin Rogers Brown

Department Head in Graphic Design, Associate Professor


For the past decade, creative director and PNCA Graphic Design department head Kristin Rogers Brown has used her background as an award-winning art director to design meaningful experiences, publications, and brand strategies across media. She spent 2010-2018 as art director for Bitch Media, an independent publishing and media organization whose mission is to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and pop culture. Her work with nonprofits and values-driven organizations proves that thoughtful design drives engagement, builds community, and makes a difference in people's lives. Kristin uses her vision as a creative director to teach advanced-level design and illustration courses that develop students' portfolios and processes to make the transition from student life to working pro, alongside a department faculty with varied and vibrant creative practice and deep connections in the design community. Learn more about Kristin...

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Engage with our Extended Design Communities

Design Lecture Series

Our event series was founded as a way to open our doors and minds to the broad and vibrant possibilities in design. The series is driven by current students and faculty in conversation with a diverse set of creative folks from all over the world who break expectations of what design can be and do today.

Design Lecture Series


Produce professional, portfolio-worthy pieces with our high-end tools

Design Studio

This home base for Graphic Design majors hosts classes, collaborative work sessions, critiques, and more.

Digital Production Center

Our Digital Production Center supports high quality digital print production, binding, and finishing driven by a Konica Minolta C1060 Digital Press. It's also a hub for sharing advice on design practice and craft between faculty and students.

Liftoff! Senior Showcase

Liftoff! is our annual showcase for the graduating class of Graphic Design and Illustration students. Designed by students in collaboration with faculty, it's a way for students to collaborate and build each other up, experimenting with design decisions and formats that fit each graduating group; a time capsule of talent from year to year.

Liftoff! Senior Showcase

Design Project Space

Design Project Spaces are dedicated to the exhibition of works by PNCA's design students.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Printmaking Studio
    Houses a large and varied collection of both contemporary and traditional printmaking facilities, presses, processing rooms, printers, stations and equipment.
  • Wacom Lab
    A first of its kind among colleges, our WACOM lab houses a variety of digital tablets and touchscreen computers that are accessible by all students.
  • Creative Technology Lab
    Our technology-focused lab that offers classes, workshops and access to a wide-range of contemporary technology, digital tools and facilities.
  • Albert Solheim Library
    A two-story facility that houses a collection of over 30,000 books and other items and a number of computer workstations.
  • Animation Lab
    Features state-of-the-art workstations and suites to accommodate 2D, 3D, digital, analog and linear animation with access to unique equipment.
  • Woodshop
    An extensive collection of traditional and contemporary woodworking tools and a welding and metal working area.
  • Ceramics Studio
    Houses pottery and glass kilns for fusing and slumping and a plaster and slip cast mold making facility.
  • Photography Lab
    Supports both traditional and digital fine art photography and processing with with large format capacity and professional lighting studio and cyc wall.
  • Professional Digital Fine Art Printing Lab
    State-of-the-art printers and scanners calibrated to industry standards and support for large format professional printing.

Everything you need for your practice

Every door is open to you. All of the tools in all of the labs across campus are available for your work. And we're connected virtually to support independent making, with technology in support of what has always been our strength: design faculty who are accessible, open, and active in the community.