Chuck Lukacs headshot

Chuck Lukacs

Assistant Professor

BFA 1993 College for Creative Studies, Detroit (Illustration)

Chuck Lukacs has been illustrating and concepting in the science fiction and fantasy gaming, publishing and television markets for three decades and has also spent a number of years studying sculpture, book arts, letterpress, and wood engraving. His paintings and prints have won awards and appeared in conventions, galleries and museums internationally. He's appeared in Spectrum, ImagineFX, Illuxcon's Infected by Art and is the author of the Fantasy Genesis series: Fantasy Genesis, 2010 and Fantasy Genesis Characters, 2018.

Clients include NBC/Universal, Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro, Penguin/Random House, Impact Books, Pyr/Prometheus Books, Paizo, Upper Deck, Games Workshop, Road Runner and Atlantic Records.