Exquisite Scrolls

Collaborative Drawings for Pacific Northwest College of Art
A Benefit for PNCA Equity & Leadership Scholarships


During the month of May 2021, thanks to an amazing community effort, we welcomed visitors to Portland galleries to view thirteen Exquisite Scrolls. These beautiful and unique collaborative works were created by teams of artists from the region and beyond - the culmination of a year-long project led by Malia Jensen ‘89, designed to support and connect the creative community in support of PNCA Equity & Leadership Scholarships.


Exquisite Land
Captained by Brenda Mallory ‘02
Artists: Laura Allcorn MFA '11; Lehuauakea '18; Heather Lee Birdsong '11; Jennifer Viviano MFA '17; Sara Siestreem; Leslie Vigeant MFA '11; Brenda Mallory ‘02; Bukola Koiki MFA '15


Exquisite 'Scape
Captained by Laura Ross-Paul
Artists: Laura Ross-Paul; Pam Greene; Karen Esler; Tom Prochaska, Emeritus Faculty; Kim Osgood; Christopher Rauschenberg; Stephen Hayes; Gwen Davidson


Relación Exquisitx
Captained by Justin Oswald and Miguel Centeno
Artists: Cristina Niculescu; V Maldonado, Faculty; Miguel Centeno; sidony oneal; Benjamin Alexander Clark; Emiliano DeCastro/Cynthia Star MFA ’20; Diego Morales-Portillo MFA '19; Brittany Vega '19


Exquisite Feet
Captained by Jess Perlitz with Stelo
Jess Perlitz, Lucia Monge; Heather Watkins; Jodie Cavalier MFA '12; Patricia Vazquez Gomez, Faculty; MK Guth, Faculty; Melanie Stevens MFA '17, Faculty; Jenn Woodward/Rory Sparks, Faculty


Exquisite Dreams
Captained by Ryan Bubnis ’06, Faculty
Artists: Nelson Lowry; Jax Ko '15; Max Doulis; Molly Mendoza ’14; Izzy Medrano; Ebin Lee ’13; Ryan Bubnis ’06, Faculty; Eatcho Mehran Heard, Faculty


Exquisite Shape
Captained by Christine Bourdette
Artists: Judy Cooke, Emeritus Faculty; Christy Wyckoff, Emeritus Faculty; Jinie Park; Duane Zaloudek ‘56; Pat Boas '98; Paula Overbay ‘75; Christine Bourdette; Michelle Ross ‘87, Faculty


Exquisite Desk
Captained by Mark Palmen MFA ‘14 with FO(u)RT Collective
Artists: Mario Gallucci MFA ’14; Richard York MFA ’14; Connie Fleming; MK Guth, Faculty; Darcelle XV; Jon Gann MFA ’14; Brandi Kruse MFA ’16;


Exquisite City
Captained by Chelsea Grassinger/Allied Works Architecture
Artists: Keith Alnwick; Emily Kappes; Rachel Massey; Dan Koch; Chelsea Grassinger; Kyle Lommen; Liyang Zhang; Jeremy Son


Exquisite Tableau
Captained by: Malia Jensen ‘89
Arists: Mia Nolting ‘08; Patrick Long; Ralph Pugay; Jessica Jackson Hutchins; Ryan Kitson MFA ’20/ Malia Jensen ‘89; George Johanson ’50; Patrick Abbey '94; Jeremy Okai Davis


Inexquisite Table
Captained by Charles Froelick
Artists: Charles Froelick, Laurie Danial, Susan Seubert ’92; Gabriel Liston ‘98; Wilder Schmaltz ‘01; Lli Wilburn; Micah Hearn ’12; Emma Gerigscott


Exquisite Table
Captained by Elizabeth Malaska MFA ‘11
Artists: Sherrie Wolf '74; Ka'ila Farrel-Smith '04; Elizabeth Malaska, MFA '11; Storm Tharp; Roll Hardy '02; Myra Day; Kelda van Patten; Carl Annala ‘88


Exquisite Chatter
Captained by David Eckard
Artists: David Eckard, Faculty; Chris Gander '86, Faculty; Yoshihiro Kitai '02, Faculty; Emily Ginsburg, Faculty; Michael Lazarus, Faculty; Jaleesa Johnston, Faculty; Sarah Farahat, Faculty; Rose Bond, Faculty


Exquisite Spill
Captained by Avantika Bawa & Malia Jensen ‘89
Artists: Malia Jensen ‘89; Susan Murrell; Blair Saxon-Hill; Nan Curtis; Avantika Bawa; Hannah Bakken MFA/MA ‘20; Mardy Widman; Erin Dengerink MFA ‘13


Participating artists

The contributions of the following artists are at the heart of this project. We are so proud to have them in the PNCA community and grateful for their support:

Patrick Abbey '94, Benjamin Alexander Clark, Laura Allcorn MFA '11, Keith Alnwick, Carl Annala ‘88, Hannah Bakken MFA/MA '20, Avantika Bawa, Pat Boas '98, Rose Bond, Faculty, Christine Bourdette, Ryan Bubnis ’06, Faculty, Jodie Cavalier MFA '12, Miguel Centeno, FO(u)RT Collective ’14, Judy Cooke, Emeritus Faculty, Nan Curtis, Laurie Danial, Gwen Davidson, Myra Lilith Day MFA ’20, Emiliano DeCastro, Erin Dengerink MFA '13, Max Doulis, David Eckard, Faculty, Karen Esler, Sarah Farahat, Faculty, Ka'ila Farrel-Smith '04, Connie Fleming, Charles Froelick, Mario Gallucci MFA '14, Chris Gander '86, Faculty, Jon Gann MFA '14, Emma Gerigscott, Emily Ginsburg, Faculty, Chelsea Grassinger, Pam Greene, MK Guth, Faculty, Roll Hardy '02, Stephen Hayes, Eatcho Heard, Faculty, Micah Hearn ’12, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Malia Jensen ‘89, George Johanson ’50, Jaleesa Johnston, Faculty, Emily Kappes, Yoshihiro Kitai '02, Faculty, Ryan Kitson MFA '20, Jax Ko '15, Dan Koch, Bukola Koiki MFA '15, Brandi Kruse MFA '16, Michael Lazarus, Faculty, Ebin Lee ’13, Lehuauakea '18, Heather Lee Birdsong '11, Gabriel Liston ‘98, Kyle Lommen, Patrick Long, Nelson Lowry, Elizabeth Malaska MFA '11, V. Maldonado, Faculty, Brenda Mallory ‘02, Rachel Massey, Izzy Medrano, Molly Mendoza ’14, Lucia Monge, Diego Morales-Portillo MFA '19, Susan Murrell, Cristina Niculescu MFA ’20, Mia Nolting ‘08, Jeremy Okai Davis, sidony oneal, Kim Osgood, Justin Oswald, Paula Overbay ‘75, Mark Palmen MFA ‘14, Jinie Park, Jess Perlitz, Tom Prochaska, Emeritus Faculty, Ralph Pugay, Christopher Rauschenberg, Michelle Ross ‘87, Faculty, Laura Ross-Paul, Blair Saxon-Hill, Wilder Schmaltz ‘01, Susan Seubert ’92, Sara Siestreem, Jeremy Son, Rory Sparks, Faculty, Cynthia Star MFA '20, Melanie Stevens MFA '17, Faculty, Storm Tharp, Kelda van Patten, Patricia Vazquez Gomez, Faculty, Brittany Vega '19, Leslie Vigeant MFA '11, Jennifer Viviano MFA '17, Heather Watkins, Mardy Widman, Lli Wilburn, Sherrie Wolf '74, Jenn Woodward, Christy Wyckoff, Emeritus Faculty, Darcelle XV, Richard York MFA '14, Duane Zaloudek ‘56, Liyang Zhang.


About the project

Envisioned as a way to support and connect the creative community during an extraordinary year, Exquisite Scrolls began in summer 2020 when the 14” x 120” rolls of blank watercolor paper traveled from one artist to another, making connections even as we remained apart. Each contributor added their work, covered it from view, and delivered the scroll to the next artist. The resulting collaborations embody a sense of community and creative possibility and demonstrate the centrality of PNCA in our arts ecology.

Having crossed the state and ventured as far as New York, Philadelphia and Southern California, all the Exquisite Scrolls will now be exhibited in Portland May 5 - 29 and available for purchase via online auction. 

Initiated by artist and PNCA alum Malia Jensen ‘89, the frequently surprising and often beautiful collaborations were created thanks to the talents of more than 100 artists, and the support of our generous sponsors.

Exquisite Scrolls can be experienced in person at multiple Portland galleries during the month of May, inviting viewers to renew their relationships with the artists and institutions that support the vitality of our community, and purchased via online auction May 18th through May 29th.

All proceeds from the project and the virtual auction support PNCA’s Equity & Leadership Scholarships.

Meet the students


Thank you to our sponsors!

Allied Works Architecture, Kandis Brewer Nunn, Nan Curtis, Kristy Edmunds, Susan Hoffman & Fred Trullinger, Linda Hutchins ‘88, Elizabeth Leach, Sarah Miller Meigs, Christiane Millinger, Lindley Morton & Corrine Oishi, The Palmen Family, Justin Oswald, Christopher Rauschenberg, Laura Ross-Paul, Stelo, Stephanie Snyder & Cooley Gallery at Reed College, Dorie & Larry Vollum.

Special thanks

AlloraPDX, Augen Gallery, BLICK Art Materials, Blue Sky Gallery, Theo Downes-Le Guin, Framing Resource, Mario Gallucci MFA ‘14, Froelick Gallery, Malia Jensen ‘89, Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Mark Palmen, Oven & Shaker, Russo Lee Gallery, Stephanie Snyder and Cooley Gallery at Reed College, Al Solheim, and Yoburi Coffee.

Enormous gratitude to the contributing artists and very special thanks to Malia Jensen ’89 for conceiving and launching Exquisite Scrolls in Summer of 2020.


Framing options

Each scroll is 14” x 120”. The scrolls are on 140 lb Arches hot-press watercolor paper and oriented horizontally. For exhibition, the work has been mounted under plexiglass thoughtfully sized for future framing. Your scroll purchase will include archival foam core and the framing-quality plexiglass, with mounting hardware. Framing Resource has designed an elegant framing option in two sections, starting at $1,000.

Please contact Framing Resource directly for further details.


Frequently asked questions

Read our frequently asked questions here.


Equity & Leadership Scholarships

Established in 2020, PNCA’s Equity and Leadership Scholarships are a series of scholarship awards for Black students, Indigenous students, and students of color, and students who have demonstrated a commitment to working with impacted communities to end racial injustice. Awards range from $5,000 to full tuition coverage and are renewable for up to five consecutive years for undergraduate students and up to two consecutive years for graduate students.